Holiday fitnezz

If you’re prone to overindulgence around the holidays like I am, you can use the extra calories as an opportunity to try to add muscle mass to underdeveloped areas.

With 8 days until Thanksgiving, I’m doing some mild cutting right now - a little extra cardio, slightly (~250-500/day) fewer calories. Once the turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy (not to mention leftovers) start rolling in, I’ll be transitioning to heavy leg and core lifting, since those are my main focus right now.

By planning ahead, you can use the calories to build some muscle, and since muscle mass raises your metabolism to the tune of ~50-75 calories per pound (of muscle) per day, you’re making a long-term investment when it comes time to start cutting down in the spring - your body will be using more calories on its own, making it easier to trim unwanted winter fat.


we drink beer and eat bacon cheeseburgers and still have better bodies than you.

we really are nice people i swear. no bullshit, no sacrifices, no excuses. everything in moderation and nothing half-assed. you know the drill.

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